Catania Is Actually Really Weird and Here’s Why

The city is known for its traditional Sicilian food, bustling markets, and famous volcano. But it’s also a clusterfuck of weird and mind-blowing stuff. I present to you a small collection of the stranger phenomena I observed in Catania.

1. Guys think they’re cool for driving Smartcars.

Emily Corrigan | Lets Go Photo: Emily Corrigan

Maybe this is just my American ignorance leading me to believe that all men must compensate for their tiny you-know-whats by driving Hummers with the license plate GUNLUVR, but it seems to me that a Smartcar is not exactly the right venue for playing loud rap music and picking up chicks. Catanese men would beg to differ.

2. Giant chunks of meat are everywhere.

You’ll glance through a door on the outskirts of town and see an entire cow haunch with a machete sticking out of it just sitting unsupervised on a table with half of a marlin next to it. Is someone going to refrigerate this? Is some sort of Sicilian Thanksgiving feast about to happen? Did I just miss a ritual sacrifice? Nothing is apparent.

3. The Mona Lisa is male here.

This is according to a painting I saw in the Museum of the City at Ursino Castle, in which Mona Lisa stands, genitalia exposed, on a brothel’s card table, surrounded by pigs and birds dressed in maid outfits. Ahh, modern art.

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