Boston’s Top 3 Parks, a.k.a. Where To Go When It Has Finally Stopped Snowing

Multicolored tulips in full bloom. Wide stretches of bright green grass. Ducks gliding across serene waters. Wait, what? That’s not what immediately comes to mind when you think of Boston? Okay, sure. Boston’s probably better known for snowy winters than it is for idyllic summers, which means that you probably haven’t heard enough about just how beautiful Boston parks can be. We’re here to change that reputation. This is a formal defense of Boston’s parks, because let’s face it: the great outdoors in Boston are pretty great. We’ve curated a list of Boston’s top three parks, so you know just where to go once the snow melts away and the sun’s shining bright. Yes, there will be grass and ducks. No, we can’t promise that these descriptions will be accurate year round. But as long as the weather’s nice, check out these beautiful Boston parks.

Boston Public Garden

Lydia Tahraoui | Lets Go Photo: Unsplash

There is a pond in the center of Boston Public Garden. This pond is home to two female swans named Romeo and Juliet. This pond offer swan boats, so you get to be a swan yourself (kind of). This pond has DUCKS. Okay, okay. Maybe not everyone is as excited about waterfowl as we am. But if the abundance of waterfowl hasn’t sold you on Boston Public Garden just yet (hey, why not?), don’t worry. There are Victorian flower gardens. There are revolutionary war monuments. There are cozy benches and ornate bridges and beautiful views as far as you can see. Bonus: Boston Common lies just to the West, so you can easily get yourself a two-parks-in-one bundle by visiting both locations in one trip.

Charles River Esplanade

Lydia Tahraoui | Lets Go Photo: Unsplash

Believe us when we tell you that this is the place you want to be when you quietly reflect upon the purpose of life. Pull out your journal, hit play on your most reflective playlist, and soak up the beauty of the riverfront. We’re utterly convinced that there are few spots more picturesque than than this riverside park. Located in Back Bay, the Charles River Esplanade lies on the south bank of Boston’s famous Charles River. The Esplanade has a well-paved walkway, plenty of benches, and wide grassy expanses. There are also tons of bike paths, and you can rent out Citi Bikes on location to traverse the riverside. The Esplanade also boasts breathtaking views of the Charles River, and is particularly magical around sunset.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Park

green trees during daytime
Lydia Tahraoui | Lets Go Photo: Unsplash

We’re technically cheating, because this park is found in Cambridge and not Boston proper. But the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park is so deeply tied to Boston history that any list of Beantown parks would be incomplete without it. Just south of the Harvard Kennedy School for Government, the JFK Memorial Park was dedicated in 1985 in honor of the late President and former Boston resident. JFK’s daughter, Caroline, was a member of the park’s advisory committee and helped oversee its construction and design. Today, the Park features beautiful granite columns engraved with quotes from JFK, each selected by Caroline. The park serves as a beautiful and tranquil memorial for President Kennedy, and stands as a reminder of his deep connections to both Boston and Harvard. It’s an oasis from the chaos of Harvard Square, and a perfect place to reflect and relax.

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