The 5 People You’ll Meet in Your Parisian Hostel

The city of love brings together some of the most interesting people from the most interesting ends of the the world. Many of these interesting people can be found in hostels. We’ve put together an all too accurate list of the 5 types of people you’ll meet in your typical Parisian hostel:

The American Solo-Backpacker:

If you haven’t met one yet, then it’s probably you. Catch them sipping from a giant Nalgene water bottle with an Osprey backpack secured tightly around their waist. They’ll be hesitant to pronounce French words, and are always talking about that bar they want to see in the city, but are too scared to go to alone. They will tell you that they are solo traveling, frequently.

The Too-Young European Solo Traveler:

Wait…you’re only 17? And you’re traveling…alone? And you also didn’t bring a suitcase? Who are you? Why, this is the Too-Young European solo traveler, and they’ve taken a daunting 3-7 hr long bus ride to make it to this city. They’ll claim they were only planning on coming for a day “to shop where it’s cheaper” but we all know they planned to extend this trip from the start.

The Ghost:

You have no idea who this person is, and quite frankly, you’re not even that sure of what they look like. The most you’ve seen of them is a small lump under the sheets of their bunk when you roll over at 3am, but otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to pick them out in a line-up. They get in late, leave early, and otherwise, there’s no trace of them other than a wet towel and an unmade bed.

The Bathroom Artist:

Maybe it was too many crepes, or the train ride got to them, but this traveler is spending all of their time in the bathroom. What are they doing in there? You have no idea. All you know is that you’ve waited over 40 minutes to brush your teeth, and if they don’t come out soon, you’ve sworn to storm in and demand your right to 2 minutes of dental hygiene.

The First-Time City Kid:

Whether they’re from the French countryside or Nebraska, this is their first time in a big city, and boy are they star-struck. A city so big it needs a subway system? More than three department stores? A lack of cows entirely? Wow, this city has it all. This person is a constant reminder of how lucky we all are to see the world, even if we are sleeping in sometimes dingy, albeit cheap, hostels each night.

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