The Louvre in 90 Minutes

Alright folks, tie up your tennis-shoe laces and get ready to dart through some sweaty tourists, this is how to see all of the Louvre’s top artworks in 90 minutes or less.

First things first: get in there.

Jessica Moore | Lets Go

Once in the Louvre, go straight to the Sully section, and head towards the moat in the medieval section. When you reach the Catacombs, you’ve made it. Look around, wow, those are some catacomb-y looking catacombs.

At the end of the catacombs, head up the stairway, and you’ll find this fine lookin feline staring right at you, she’s the Great Sphinx of Tanis, and she’s your first Louvre beauty.

Turn around to face the moat again, and take the staircase to your right. Walk up them and BOOM, you’re at the back of the Venus de Milo, Aphrodite herself.

Turn your back on the Venus de Milo — pff, Venus de who? And head straight through the gallery in front of you. Cross through the Caryatids Room on your right, which will lead to a rotunda. Try not to gawk too long at the ceilings in this beautiful room, because across it and up two flights of stairs is the breathtaking Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Turn away from the Winged Victory and go back down one flight of stairs. To your right you’ll see the Red Rooms. Enter there to find the Coronation of Napoleon. Unfortunately, the Louvre was under renovation during our visit and Napoleon was hidden away, but maybe you’ll have better luck than us.

Move on to the next room, and follow the signs leading you to the room containing the Mona Lisa. There, try not to get too carried away, and bask in the glory of the Wedding Feast at Cana, the Louvre’s largest painting. (Or see a nice print of it during renovations like we did…rip).

Jessica Moore | Lets Go

You’re in the room where it happens. Fight through the mob to see what we all came here for, the Mona Lisa.

Exit the room containing the Mona Lisa and you’ll find yourself back in the red rooms. Here, you will find the Raft of the Medusa.

A few paintings down is the famous Liberty Leading the People.

Phew, you’re almost there. Exit this room, and across the way you’ll see a cafe, head towards it, but then down the staircases laid out in front of you. You’ll land right in the room containing Michelangelo’s famous work, The Slave.

Head back to that cafe and drink a well-deserved espresso, you’ve earned it!

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