My Perfect Parisian Picnic

We’ve all dreamt about it: a red and white checkered blanket, a basket overflowing with wine, berries, cheeses, and breads. A perfect view of the Eiffel tower, a beautiful French man feeding you grapes as you — nope? Just me? Regardless of how you envision it, a picnic in Paris is a great way to snag a cheap meal with an incredible view, if you know where to have it.

Here’s a little advice in avoiding a typical Parisian picnic rookie mistake. Skip the Eiffel Tower and the Jardin du Luxembourg. Though appealing places to picnic in theory, they’re overwhelmed with tourists and the locals aren’t too happy about your wanting to camp out there. Instead, the prime place for a Parisian picnic after a day well spent in the Louvre, is actually in the Tuileries Gardens.

Jessica Moore | Lets Go

Here, there’s plenty of space to snag a shady spot with million-dollar views, and thankfully, no one will bother you or ask you why you thought it acceptable to eat lunch under their monumental tower. Plus, with sandwich carts like Paul’s sitting waiting for your arrival, you’re sure to spend €5 or less on this incredible meal. Eat with champagne-budget views for a beer-budget price in these gorgeous gardens, and question why you ever ate inside while in Paris in the first place.

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