What the heck is a researcher-writer?

Part sleuth, part explorer, and part one-person better-business bureau, the Let’s Go Researcher-Writer scours the earth for bargains, moving from city to city as nimbly as public transportation will allow, subduing cantankerous hostel owners, and eating copious amounts of chicken tikka masala. Our incredible RW’s are Harvard students whom have been chosen to travel, research, and write for Let’s Go entirely on their own. These bright students are unquestionably the most important members of our company—every piece of wisdom in our books and website stems from the countless hours they have spent researching and writing on the road. Our RWs are the bedrock of Let’s Go, the foundation upon which our series is built.

Learn more about this year’s RWs and follow their trips below!

Girl hiking in greenery and apple picking

Megan Galbreath '20

Austria & Germany
Megan's Trip Progress
Girl smiling in Cinque Terre

Jessica Moore '21

Central & Southern France
Jessica's Trip Progress
Hiking boy

Luke Williams '22

Czechia, Hungary, & Poland
Luke's Trip Progress
Will Rhatigan, or guy, in Paris

Will Rhatigan '20

France & Switzerland
Will's Trip Progress
Girl running and hiking

Marissa Saenger '19

Iceland, Norway, & Sweden
Marissa's Trip Progress
Girl in denim jean jacket ready to travel

Lydia Tahraoui '19

Croatia, Montenegro, & Slovenia
Lydia's Trip Progress
beach picture of dude or guy at sunset with glasses

Sam Lincoln '21

Belgium, Denmark, & the Netherlands
Sam's Trip Progress
boy smiling in Harvard Yard

Graham Bishai '19

Canada & USA
Graham's Trip Progress
Girl smiling in Harvard Yard

Daphne Thompson '18

Canada & USA
Daphne's Trip Progress
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